Pure Anywear History

Rooted deep in the high elevations of Lake Tahoe, Pure Anywear, Clothing for the Conscious, sprouted in 1997 with a couple of designs printed on a few dozen shirts, hats, and wind breakers.  Originally named Pure Boarding Apparel, the beginning concept was to produce environment friendly outerwear designed for snowboarding.  Realizing real quick I did not have the cash flow to enter this realm I sought out new ideas for a conscious clothing company.  In 1998 pureapparel.com, the original “Clothing for the Conscious” site spread onto the web.  Apparel was too hard to spell and was not unique enough.  My concept then was to make conscious, sustainable, and comfortable clothing that anybody can wear anywhere.  In 1999, Pure Apparel blossomed and transformed into Pure Anywear, Clothing for the Conscious and was printing more designs on organic cotton and hemp t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.  While attending many music festivals, I sold shirts in the parking lots for a few years and received many complements. 

Pure Anywear was growing, and in the year 2000, the first Pure Anywear booth was inside at the “Mountain Air Festival” in Angel’s Camp, CA then at the “Renegade Festival” in Quincy, CA.  Response was positive.  Then in 2001, Pure Anywear branched out to many festivals.  Now you can find the Pure Anywear booth at most major music festivals on the west coast including Bob Marley Days, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Music That Matters, Harmony Festival, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Northwest World Reggae Fest, Reggae on the River, Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, and Earthdance.  You can also find Pure Anywear at many Reggae shows in Northern California and select retail stores nationwide.

Today, Pure Anywear offers many designs to choose from on a wide variety of clothing and accessories.  All t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and polo shirts are printed on 55%hemp/45%cotton blend knit material.

The goal of Pure Anywear is not only to sell high quality conscious clothing that is environmentally friendly, durable, and comfortable to wear, but also to educate the population on positive sustainable living with respect to all…..One Love!

Give thanks!